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Automate Entire Trading Desk

If you are running a trading desk and have few traders and portfolio managers trading manually, we can potentially help in increasing your productivity and profitability. Our QM Trading Suite is flexible enough to connect to any exchange and any strategy that can be articulated precisely, we can build algorithm for it. Once automated, your traders can research and evaluate more ideas and strategies, while machines do the job 24x7 for you.

Consulting & Development

We have experts in Algorithmic Trading from diverse trading strategies background, who leverage on our powerful underlying QM.Fin Framework to quickly develop trading strategies and systems best suited for your needs or to turn your ideas into a viable trading strategy with scientific and statistical backing. Our advanced systems can save you months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Portfolio Management, Risk Management & Reporting

Our state-of-art solution helps you in taking complete control of your portfolio management and risk management systematically. Vareity of pre-trade and post-trade analytics, powerful reporting features to keep you updated automatically, automation of full life cycle - from an idea to live trading are some of our unique value propositions.

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