We build interactive technology for evolving companies.

QuantMagnum Technologies is a young startup, co-founded by an experienced team of technocrats from Indian Institue of Technology (IIT) and other leading institutes of India.
With several years of international experience in global hedge fund industry and have worked with world's leading financial services firms and banks like CITI, Standard Chartered Bank and HDFC Bank.

Co-founders and team members also possess professional designations in finance, like CFA (formerly AIMR, US), CAIA (CAIA, US) and CA (ICAI, India).

What do we do?

QuantMagnum Technologies aspires to create a one stop solution for fund managers, portfolio managers, wealth managers, family offices, traders and investors for various needs related to Quantitative Research, Portfolio Analytics, Risk Analytics, Data Visualization and Automation.

Our products and solutions help fund managers in taking well informed, statistics and mathematics backed investment decisions - void of intuition, greed, fear or any other human sentiment.

We are developing a next generation investing platform, designed to help various investors in different capacities to achieve their respective financial goals, so keep a watch on us for updates!

Interdisciplinary Approach

We work at the cross-section of Finance, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics, Statistics and Machine learning and try to harvest alpha in our own unique way

Statistical Inefficiencies

Our philosophy is to identify statistical inefficiencies - present in the markets for over 10-15 years, and those we expect to continue to exist in forseable future, and create a quantitative strategy exploiting the same

Scalability, Sustainability, and Stability

We include a strategy in the portfolio, only if it is scalable, sustainable and profitable over long periods of time. Each strategy undergoes a robust out-of-sample backtesting procedure, followed by out-of-sample simulated trading, before being released to production


We are committed to develop, maintain and support variety of strategies like - Statistical Arbitrage, Fixed Income - Yield Curve, CTA/Managed Futures, Global Macro, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Pattern Recognition, Equity Long/Short, Commodity Arbitrage, and Risk Pairty etc. - to provide our clients the winning edge.

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