QM Data Server

Virtual Exchange

Acts as a virtual exchange and can replay entire market events by specifying say 10 ms = 1 day, to simulate models and strategies out-of-sample for the most realistic back-test and stress-test results. Whats more, our system is agnostic to data vendor and the underlying database.

Automated Rolling

Build any continuous timeseries for any product traded on any exchange globally, with simple or complex rolling logic and system shall automatically roll the contracts for you in live environment, as well as shall maintain updated historic rolled time series.

Data Visualization

Several ways to visualize price data and transformed time-series data. Several checks to maintain high data quality along with automatic alerts for any anomaly. Ever compared 5 different timeseries of single instrument with varying roll logic?

QM Strategy Builder

Maximum Flexibility

You develop your strategies using C# .NET in your own favorite IDE, giving you maximum flexibility an advanced programming language can provide along with maximum IP protection, instead of using some scripting language tied to the IDE of system provider.

Most Realistic

Powered by event driven back testing linked with OMS, and RMS displays your model's exact behaviour tick by tick, as it would in live markets linked with all components and margin constraints. We don't have unlimited risk or margin in live, so why should it be in simulation?

Maximum Productivity

Do not reinvent the wheel! Our framework comes with a ton of Maths, Statistics, Financial and AI functions coupled with extensive set of portfolio and risk optimization algorithms to get you up and running with minimum amount of writing code.

QM Trader

Unlimited Choices

You can connect to any exchange globally and trade any product via supported APIs. If you find an exchange not supported out of box, but have access to an exchange API, we can integrate in matter of weeks, so that you always have unified experience of a single system.

Automated Trading

Our system can trigger the orders automatically based on predefined market based or time based rules. You can run the exactly same piece of code in live that you tested under QM Strategy Builder with a single mouse click without any change in code!

Realtime Monitoring

System can do the realtime monitoring of your portfolio 24x7. You can use the same risk limits as in QM Strategy Builder, so that you don't get any surprise in live markets. However, you can change any strategy paramater on the fly as you monitor the P&L.

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